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South Florida-based medical practice specializing in cutting edge, minimally-invasive spine surgeries that are smarter, safer, future-minded, and better.

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Cantor Spine Center, an in-network provider for almost all insurance plans, making it easier for more patients to access the highest level of spine care.

Fix the neck without damaging normal tissues

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What We Offer

Pain Relief Specialists

World-class physicians, and staff specializing in a vast range of acute & chronic pain conditions.

Pinpoint Diagnosis

Using advanced diagnostic technologies & techniques to identify sources of pain.

Personalized Treatment

Every patient is unique, so treatment plans are tailored to your specific needs.

Forward-thinking Vs. Traditional Spine Surgery

"Dedicated To Advancing The Field Of Spine Surgery"

Cantor Spine Center signals a paradigm shift in the practice of spinal surgery thanks to its embrace of scientific breakthroughs, ultrasonic technology, and motion- and function-sparing techniques.

Cantor Spine Center is responsible for the development of many groundbreaking minimally-invasive “ultrasonic” techniques in the surgical treatment of spinal disorders.

We Strive to Serve you Better Everyday


We strive to establish trusting relationships with every individual under our care in order to achieve incredible results. Cantor Spine Center employs every resource available to ensure a personalized treatment plan designed to vastly improve your day-to-day life.


We are dedicated to delivering the best care across every step of the patient journey. Our entire team is aligned in the constant goal of getting our patients better.

30 +
Years Experience

Specializing In Cutting Edge, Minimally-Invasive Spine Surgeries

Ultrasonic technology is Cantor Spine Center’s signature platform, enabling the organization to perform minimally-invasive treatments that are smarter, safer, future-minded, and better.

Find The Right Treatment

Our center is anchored by a comprehensive, whole-body approach to spinal care, and patient-specific perioperative risk mitigation program. Our first goal is always to avoid surgery. If a patient does not respond to a well-managed, non-surgical treatment path, then we identify the ideal minimally-invasive procedure to pursue.

Spine-related conditions


EOS® A Unique Low-Dose 2D/3D Imaging System Brilliant Images. Impeccable Care.

In an effort to continue our commitment to providing the highest quality care, Cantor Spine offers EOS®, a low dose, 2D/3D imaging system dedicated to adult and pediatric patients with musculoskeletal pathologies.

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Stay informed with Cantor Spine Center, the best place in South Florida for Back and Spine Treatment.

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