Patient Advocacy

Cantor Spine Center is founded in an excellence-minded, patient-first ethos. We strive to establish trusting relationships with every individual under our care in order to achieve incredible results. Cantor Spine Center employs every resource available to ensure a personalized treatment plan designed to vastly improve your day-to-day life. Our holistic approach to the patient journey reflects the exacting nature of the surgeries we perform: safe, calculated, meticulously planned, comprehensive, excellent.

Our Patient Advocacy Program begins on day one and extends throughout the duration of your care, which includes pre-surgical, in-patient, post-surgical, behind-the-scenes, and concierge.

The Patient Advocacy Program encourages patients and their caregivers to take an active role in recovery planning, for the best results. Spinal care is not one-size-fits-all; every case is unique to the individual. Our team takes the time to really listen, hear, understand, and assess your needs.

We’re by your side across every step of your spinal journey.


Cantor Spine Center is dedicated to delivering the best care across every step of the patient journey, and the entire team is aligned in the constant goal of getting our patients to “BETTER.”

Cantor Spine Center is founded in a commitment to methodical research, sound outcome analysis, precise process development, sophisticated risk assessment, meticulous planning, and preparation – all created to prevent complications and ensure the most successful surgery possible. We always pursue non-surgical avenues as the first course of action.

From day one, the Cantor Spine Center team will do everything it can to ensure your surgery remains a success. Besides dietary planning, we will also evaluate your home to ensure the environment is safe and free of potential hazards. Throughout the process, we will do our best to help you ease back into a lifestyle free of pain and discomfort so you can be up and running and doing what you love again.



Refers to the physical and psychological preparations taken in advance of the operation, tailored precisely to a patient’s individual needs. Our personalized pre-surgical care includes:

  • Coordination of schedules and services
  • Situational health risk assessment
  • Environmental risk assessment (includes a visit to your home to evaluate needs)
  • Goal Setting
  • Health coaching
  • Preventive medicine counseling
  • Cantor Spine Center Diet & Nutrition Program
  • Post-surgical planning (family members and caretakers are involved in this process)


All the post-operative care that follows your surgical procedure – varies by surgery type and personal health history. Post-operative care begins the moment the surgery is complete and often includes Pain Management.

  • Pain Management
  • Post-operative health and recovery assessment
  • Post-operative diet and exercise plan
  • Physical the