What Is Sciatica Nerve Pain?

Do you feel pain in your lower back and buttocks that sometimes radiates down your leg and into your foot? Is this pain achy, sharp, or does it cause a burning sensation? If so, you may be experiencing a common nerve issue called sciatica nerve pain.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower spine to the buttocks and down through the legs and into the feet. When your sciatic nerve becomes pinched or irritated, you may experience a wide variety of unpleasant symptoms, including:

  • An achy, sharp, or burning pain that originates in your lower back and buttocks.
  • Pain that radiates down one of your legs.
  • Weakness, tingling, or numbness in your affected leg.
  • Pain in the foot of the leg that experiences the radiating pain or other leg symptoms.
  • Sciatica most commonly is a result of the sciatic nerve being compressed. This can be caused by an injury like a herniated disc, a bone spur, spinal stenosis, or in more rare cases, a tumor or blood clot. On its own, sciatica is not a medical