I practiced cardiac surgery for greater than 30 years in Los Angeles. I retired with the with the intention of traveling and enjoying life with my wife and spinal stenosis stopped me in my tracks. I had a spondylolisthesis with lumbar stenosis and the nerve pain in my legs became so severe that I could not walk. I could barely get up. I had consultations and opinions from doctors in L.A., New York, and frankly all over the country with similar recommendations for an extensive fusion procedure. My research led me to Dr. Jeffrey Cantor in Fort Lauderdale Florida. He developed a less invasive technique that isolated and removed the pressure on the spinal nerves from the inside out, preserving the important structure of the spine. There would be no need for an extensive multiple level fusion. I had the procedure in early 2010. I was out of the hospital in one day, completely healed in three months, and have been traveling ever since.