I’d like to share my personal experiences with you. Prior to surgery, I was an active 72 year old, golfing, sailing, etc., but as the years progressed, I started suffering severe lower back pain and had to curtail my daily activities. It was then that I decided to consult pain management doctors. After many attempts to ease my pain (epidurals), I was not able to continue my activities without being tired and exhausted. The pain persisted. Finally, I research a spinal surgeon and your name came highly recommended. I made the appointment for a consultation. That appointment went well and I decided to proceed with the surgery. From day one, I was instructed in detail what I should expect. A nutritionist was suggested with the healing process. That proved to be exceptional. Right from the beginning, I started eating a very nutritional diet which certainly helped with my recuperation. All the extra incentives for my recovery were in place, ice water for pain and swelling, a brace to restrict my bodily movement (bending, twisting) and a bone stimulator which helped with the success of the fusion.